“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.” Author unknown.

Until a blogging course was offered at a local university, I wasn’t a blog reader and surely wasn’t interested in writing one. However my interest was peeked and I took the course. A new blogger was born. I realized that a blog would be the perfect venue to share with my children and grandchildren what the world was like when I was growing up in Oak Cliff, Texas. As older generations die, they take with them the knowledge of our family’s history. I hope through this blog my children will more clearly understand where they came from and continue to instill in future generations how proud we are of our heritage.

As I fretted over how to begin my blog – do I start in chronological order, post old pictures first, focus on family history – my son told me to “just do it”. So here goes! I hope you enjoy.

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2 Responses to JUST DO IT

  1. HB says:

    Nice blog… and lovely kitchen!


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