Mrs. Rich B. Nolen aka Aunt Amby

Grandma, Friend, Aunt Amby

Grandma, Friend, Aunt Amby

It’s been a walk down memory lane going through Mother’s old pictures. I was excited to come across this picture of my Grandmother, her sister Amby and a friend. What a fashion statement they make dressed up in their Sunday best – hats, furs, gloves and all. One can only speculate as to what they were up to.

I was surprised when I turned the picture over to find the following written in script, “Sour Puss Grayson, Billie Griping Tucker, Mrs. Rich B. Nolen.” I have to assume that Aunt Amby is the writer since she’s the only one without a descriptive nickname. Now I find myself contemplating what I can put on the backs of my pictures. Who knows what the mischievous side of me will come up with!

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4 Responses to Mrs. Rich B. Nolen aka Aunt Amby

  1. Gladys Moore says:

    Great picture!


  2. The story I have been told about my name was that they were going to call me Amby but I guess it never took off. Grandma, Aunt Frankie and my Aunt Sandy called me Am…Aunt Sandy still does.


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