Do you remember?


20150718_155633 (1) 

20150718_153840Ronny and I were out cruising on Saturday and came across Woodstock Market. Wow were we surprised! It was like finding a treasure chest of goodies. Their website ( describes the interior as “…a cross between strolling down a main street and a Designer’s Show House along with nostalgic finds from days gone by.”Perfect description! The coolest finds were the ones that took me back to my childhood.

  • Hand-cranked ice cream freezer – I can almost taste Mom’s home-made cherry ice cream after Daddy had churned it in the freezer. The kids loved to take turns sitting on the newspapers and towels that Daddy would spread on top of the freezer until he couldn’t turn the handle anymore. You knew before long you’d be having a heaping bowl of some really good stuff!
  • Hand mower – Lawn mowers today practically run themselves. When I was growing up you used a hand mower. Not only did you cut the grass, you got your cardio workout for the day.
  • Manual typewriter – I learned to type on this typewriter. You had to put the paper under the roller along with carbon paper if you needed a copy, use an eraser to correct errors and after each line was typed a little bell would go off to let you know you had to swipe the handle to move the paper to the next line. To all of us that experienced this little piece of history, remember the strong survive!

What takes your back to your childhood?

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  1. says:

    Hey, Darlene,  How fun Is this?  Great job on the pics!


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