Bang Bang

Ronny 1Today is National Tell an Old Joke Day. Don’t ask me who thought this one up but hey it’s one more reason to celebrate the day. I’m sure all our kids and grandkids would agree that this is the perfect holiday for their Pops and Papa Mac. I thought I would share with you one of his ‘many’ old jokes.

What’s purple and goes bang bang?
I don’t know.
A purple bang bang.

What’s orange and goes bang bang?
An orange bang bang.
Nope. They only come in purple.

You are either laughing or rolling your eyes. Either way I hope it brought a smile to your face and reminded you of old jokes told by someone you love.

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2 Responses to Bang Bang

  1. Bryan Smith says:

    Great pic


  2. Hahahaha! Well, I’m rolling my eyes, but it did make me smile because I can just hear Ronny telling that joke! LOL! Love the photo!


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