Disco Daddy


This photo was taken outside my Grandpa Smith’s house. Each Christmas we would drive from Dallas to Cumby, Texas to celebrate the holiday with all the Smiths. On this particular visit Daddy looks like he just stepped off the set of Saturday Night Fever! I especially love that wide, white leather belt. I venture to say he probably had on white shoes as well. Not only was he the best-looking Daddy there, he and my Mom could dance. Watch out John Travolta!

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7 Responses to Disco Daddy

  1. Susan Young says:

    Love the togs! Your Dad was a sweet man!

    Is that Glendora in the background?


  2. Bryan Smith says:

    That is a great picture, I have very fond memories of that house, and my grandfather, and great grandfather. I miss those days we had so much fun!


  3. Pat says:

    Uncle CW, very funny man. Definitely have some memories of him.


  4. What a fantastic mix of patterns in your dad’s outfit! LOL!


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