Anchors Away


This week marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. On August 15, 1945 Japan surrendered marking victory for the Allies. The signing of the official documents took place on the deck of the USS Missouri on September 2nd ending one of the deadliest wars in history.

Uncle Son, my mother’s brother, enlisted in the Navy in 1943 at the age of 15. He served as a Coxswain and traveled throughout Europe and Hawaii on the USS General Pope and USS Wyoming. As the story goes the reason he enlisted so young was that he was giving my Grandma Grayson a ‘hard time’ so we’re not sure if she encouraged him to join, if Grandpa made him join or if Uncle Son felt it would be the best thing for him. For whatever the reason, I will always be grateful that he fought for my freedom and those he loved.

Uncle Son gave his Coxswain whistle to his grandson, Grayson, before he passed away. Grayson now proudly wears it on a chain around his neck in honor of his Papa.

Thank you Uncle Son for your service during WWII. I love and miss you.

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  1. So handsome, miss my Daddy!


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