Howdy Folks!

Howdy Folks

Howdy Folks

Friends from Atlanta in 2003

Friends from Atlanta in 2003

Today is the opening day of the State Fair of Texas. Since 1886 the fair has been welcoming people to the best and biggest state fair in the world. Other state fairs might disagree, but if you’re a true Texan it really isn’t debatable. Big Tex will once again welcome the crowds with “Howdy Folks” using his big, bold Southern drawl. Be sure to check out Big Tex’s stats at Very impressive!

Growing up in Oak Cliff, you never missed the fair. You actually got a day off from school to attend. They had everything…a midway full of carnival rides and games, livestock shows, the Cotton Bowl that hosted football games and concerts, the automobile building were you could get a peek at the new cars and trucks and so much more. My favorite ride on the midway was the Comet, a wooden roller coaster that creaked and shook as you headed up that first hill which was a little over 212 feet up in the air. At the top there was a great view of the Dallas skyline if you were conscious enough to even notice! Although I was scared to death that the thing would collapse, it was the first ride I headed for every year. Another favorite ride was the Texas Star that was built in 1985. At the time it was the largest ferris wheel in North America.

Of course you can’t forget the food! As soon as you entered the midway your senses were flooded with the smells of hot dogs, French fries, BBQ, Belgium waffles, salt-water taffy and chocolate covered ice cream cones. Plus who could resist the famous Fletcher’s Corny Dogs dipped in batter and deep-fried.

I think there’s going to be a trip back to Big D and the State Fair in my future. If you’ve never been, please add it to your bucket list now. See you there!

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7 Responses to Howdy Folks!

  1. cdc71 says:

    Darlene, I’ve wanted to go to the Texas fair ever since I saw the movie “State Fair.” Maybe I’ll make it one day! Hey, let’s go together!!! 🙂
    Here in Atlanta, we had the Southeastern Fair. Maybe not as big as the Texas Fair, but it had many of the same things — the midway, the food, the great rides. (If you saw “Smokey and the Bandit, you got a glimpse of our fair at the end of the movie. In “Smokey and the Bandit 2,” they blew up our wooden roller coaster).
    Like the students in Texas, we got a day off from school so that we could go. SO much fun! I so wish it were still here!
    Thanks for bringing back memories for me.


  2. Susan Young says:

    Come on down…lasts for 3 weeks starting today. I will take a day off and we can all go together!!


  3. Fun pics, Darlene, and I love your descriptions… I can smell the hotdogs from here!


  4. Linda Dunwoody says:

    Very cool.

    Sent from my iPad



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