Seems like yesterday…

Collin's 1st Birthday

Collin’s 1st Birthday



Collin, our grandson, turned 12 today. It seems like only yesterday that we were at Kennestone Hospital anxiously waiting his arrival. He was, and still is, absolutely beautiful! He’s probably flipping out because I called him beautiful, but he is in my eyes.  He’s smart and out-going, plays JV football for his school and is a terrific big brother. I can’t believe the little boy I held in my arms is almost as tall as me!

What a precious gift God gave us when he placed him in our lives. Happy Birthday, sugar. I love you.

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3 Responses to Seems like yesterday…

  1. Susan Young says:

    Happy birthday, Collin! Yes, he is a beautiful young man. Can’t believe we have 12 year old grandchildren (Avery will be 12 in December!). My Collin will be 10 in January. Yikes..
    I miss that time but Susannah keeps having them (she’s expecting #4) so I get to keep kissing them, giving them sugar…and then handing them back! When they are older they become kind of like buddies. I like that part, too!


  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    He isssss beautiful. I remember when he was born too!

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