Sea Shells & Sand Castles


As fall arrives and the leaves begin to turn, I yearn for that feeling of sand between my toes one last time. I got my wish a few weeks ago when we vacationed on Amelia Island with our oldest son and his family. Even though we arrived to a whopper storm, we managed to get in two really good beach days.

As with most beach towns, there was a local ice cream and fudge shop that we had no problems visiting, along with good restaurants and a marina full of sailboats and yachts that conjured up scenes from a James Bond movie. We couldn’t pass up going into the Corner Copia, a souvenir shop full of pirate treasures.

Getting our beach fix, we can now kiss summer goodbye and welcome fall. Pumpkin spice coffee, butternut squash soup, cranberry salad, sweet potato casserole, homemade apple pie…yum!


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3 Responses to Sea Shells & Sand Castles

  1. Susan Young says:

    Love these pics. Darlene. Is that you on that horse? Brave little toaster, you are!! Wish I lived closer so I could tag along!!!

    Love to you…


    • I would love to be known as the brave little toaster, but it wasn’t me. A group of women (I think there were six of them) were riding on the beach. One was kind enough to pose for me. Beautiful horses!


  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    Awww – these are pretty spectacular scenes! So glad you had a good time..

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