Friday Night Lights





Earv, Me, Susan

Earv, Me, Susan

Beginning in junior high and all the way through high school I was in the drill team. We were the girls that performed on the field at halftime with the marching band. I think my best friend Susan and I looked pretty hot in our short skirts and cowboy boots. Randy, my younger cousin, loved to ride to the games with us because he got to sit between me and Susan in the back seat. Truth be known, I’m pretty sure he had a secret crush on Susan. After the games everyone headed to Kip’s Big Boy Restaurant for burgers, fries and shakes. Jump ahead to 2015 and Kip’s has been demolished and replaced by a grocery store. Susan and I have grown up (just a bit) and turned our cowboy boots over to the younger generation.

I don’t get back to Dallas as often as I would like, but when I do I have to quench my desire for the best Mexican food on the planet. There’s no place better to meet up with Susan and my best bud, Earv, than at our favorite El Fenix Restaurant. We grew up eating there and spent many nights sharing life and feasting on guacamole, nachos, enchiladas and burritos with a cold beer or Margarita. After all the years away, it’s nice to go home again.

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3 Responses to Friday Night Lights

  1. Susan Young says:

    Wow…we looked so young!!!!!!!! Great to see you, Ronny and Erv. Wish you and Ronny didn’t live so far away from Big D!!
    Yes…we have been friends since I fell in love with your beautiful purple bedspread in your room. I thought that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen…so girly!!


  2. Linda says:

    You girls look like twins, but even without the tag, I could pick which one was you. You both were beautiful then and beautiful now. Love to you and Ronny.

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