Saluting our Veterans


Walking down the halls of Indian Knoll Elementary School (where two of our grandsons, Collin and Garrett attend) you immediately know they are ready for their annual Veterans Day Celebration. Pictures of veterans cover the main hallway, some who still serve, some that have retired and some that gave the ultimate sacrifice to assure freedom for the homeland.

For the past five years Ronny has been recognized for his service in Vietnam as a weapons loader in the U.S. Air Force. Also this year their Uncle Paul was honored for his service in the Navy. Each veteran received a special commemorative coin plus a sampling of poems written by some of the students. It’s an honor and a privilege for him to share the stage with all veterans of the armed forces.

Thank you Indian Knoll for continuing to honor our veterans. I think the following excerpt from a poem written by one of the students, Lauren Lammens, says it all, “…and I offer to you from my heart, thank you to Guardians unknown for offering yourselves for us all that we may keep freedom…our home.”

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One Response to Saluting our Veterans

  1. Susan Young says:

    I want to thank all our veterans, especially you, Ronny, and my father, Oscar Garrett Grisham, Jr., for serving this country. I honor you!


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