Nutcracker Prince


Woodstock Market had their annual window reveal Friday night to officially kick off the Christmas season. When they dropped the cloth, the window revealed the magical story of the Nutcracker Prince. Adults and children of all ages were mesmerized, eyes focused on the scene. To top it off there was hot chocolate, candy treats and of course, Santa.

Inside the market is dressed for Christmas. Everyone involved has done a fantastic job turning the store into a Christmas wonderland. Each dealer’s space is decorated for the holiday season. Ronny’s (my husband) booth is no exception. RPM Creations is open for business!

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5 Responses to Nutcracker Prince

  1. Susan Young says:

    Wonderful! Love the pictures. Please send a picture of Ronny’s booth!!!!!!!


  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    Oh how beautiful! RPM space is realllllly looking good. Hope the season is bright.


  3. Colleen says:

    How fun! Everything looks amazing!


  4. Everything looks so festive including RPM’s booth! Wishing him a successful season.

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  5. Beautiful images, Darlene, and Ronny’s booth look great! Everything is so festive!!

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