Glow Santa Glow

20151130_18380420151130_183943 (1)It’s hard to believe that our Santa is over 50 years old. When I was a little girl I was always excited to see Santa make his way out of the attic and onto our front porch. That meant that he was coming soon and I’d better watch my Ps and Qs.

As Santa has aged he’s gone through numerous surgeries to repair his brittle plastic body. Doc Ronny has reinforced his feet and added pieces of metal in his legs that are embedded in foam so he can continue to stand strong. This year he once again takes his place on the front porch to usher in the Christmas season. Ready to welcome friends and family, Santa has his glow on!

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3 Responses to Glow Santa Glow

  1. Susan Young says:

    Brings back old memories!!!


  2. You definitely knew Santa! Can you believe he still looks this good?


  3. He is such a great Santa!!!


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