Christmas in the Mountains


Hand-made Decorations


Chris & Matthew (not sure they didn’t eat more than they strung)


Tree Cutting Crew


The Whole Family


Our Perfect Tree

In 2008 we decided to head to the north Georgia mountains for Christmas. We rented a cabin and took all the fixins’ for our normal Christmas dinner of ham, chicken, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and pecan pie. Yum…I can taste it now!

My wish for that Christmas was to cut down our own tree. We got up early Saturday morning and started making decorations. All around the table, kids and adults, were cutting, pasting and gluing. Once we were done we were off to a local tree farm. We left in the rain. I thought, “this isn’t too bad but we might get a little wet.” Then the heavens opened up. Talk about rain…. it was like you can’t see a foot in front of you kind of rain! Just as we pulled into the parking lot of the farm, the hard rain turned into a light mist. Although we were wet and muddy, we continued to tromp through rows and rows of trees until we found the perfect one.

That Christmas was one of my most memorable. Dinner was a success, the grandkids were tucked tightly in bed and Santa came during the night. And all the while, our tree covered with hand-made ornaments and a tin foil star on top, showed me that it doesn’t matter where you have Christmas as long as you’re with your family.

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3 Responses to Christmas in the Mountains

  1. Susan Young says:

    Darlene, this is a wonderful memory! I loved reading this and seeing the pictures. It really is the family that matters the most and we learn that more and more the older we become. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.
    I appreciated hearing about Reid…he has been in my prayers.
    How is Ronny doing?
    I wish we lived closer together.


  2. Linda Roe Dunwoody says:

    Love this. You really know how to make memories

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