Three Men and a Santa

Ronny with Santa (1)Chris with Santa (1)Matt with Santa (1)

How many of you have pictures with Santa tucked away in a memory box? I found these of the three grown men in my life. Chris and Matthew look like their happy seeing Santa while Ronny looks either cold or wishing someone would come and rescue him. They all look pretty darn cute!

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4 Responses to Three Men and a Santa

  1. Too cute!! Need to look for mine and Randy’s Santa pictures. Mom use to have them made at the A. Harris shopping center over by where Grandma lived. There is not many, can only recall ever seeing I think 2


  2. I can’t find any of me with Santa. In fact I don’t have many early family Christmas pictures. A. Harris…now that’s a blast from the past!


  3. Susan Young says:

    Blasts from the past, Darlene and Ambra! Love these pics!


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