Tickle, Tickle


I’m not sure what my nephew is laughing about but I wouldn’t put it past my brother to have tickled him right before the shot! Being the little sister, I can confirm that he was good at the tickle thing. I hope the picture brings a smile to your face just as it did mine.


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4 Responses to Tickle, Tickle

  1. Susan Young says:

    Cute, cute! Amazing how much you all look alike!!!


  2. It’s the Smith genes! You are right when you say they all look alike. I can definitely see Chris in my brother. Wish he hadn’t left us so soon but God had other plans. Miss him.


  3. Bryan Smith says:

    I have no idea what was going on, but I am laughing so hard my fist are clinched. Lol. Dad used to wait till I was laying down watching tv then he would straddle me so I could not get up and tickle my ribs, to this day if I lay on the floor it’s on my side. I am not ticklish, but if I am on the ground and someone traps me, I am very ticklish. What a great picture of me and Dad thank you!


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