Tiny Little Kitchen


My Grandpa Smith is standing in the kitchen of the house that he shared with my Grandma and their 11 children. The house had one bathroom, two bedrooms, a formal dining room and a living room. After all the kids were grown and had families of their own, this little house continued to be the gathering place for everyone each Christmas. How my Grandma managed to keep her sanity is a mystery to me. She was the true “Wonder Woman” of her day.

Shortly after they celebrated their 50th anniversary my Grandma was called home and Grandpa joined her years later. I miss them and that tiny little kitchen.

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5 Responses to Tiny Little Kitchen

  1. Susan Young says:

    This picture brings back so many good memories, Darlene!


  2. Barbara says:

    Always wondered how they prepared anything…absolutely no counter space! Memories of those days and the tiny kitchens…one of my favorite pictures is taken from behind my mom and dad on a Sunday morning in front of the sink. My dad loved to cook and mom was surely helping him prepare something for the 4 kids to soon appear from around the corner.

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  3. Ambra says:

    Do you have any pictures of Grandma Grayson’s kitchen…in my mind I thought it was big, actually thought her house was quite spacious but again that was from eyes of a 6yr old. Loved her house on Seevers,


  4. Bryan Smith says:

    I do as well.


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