Jack’s Cafe

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My brother, Jackie, is currently in the hospital in Dallas. I would love to give him a big hug right now, sit by his bed and hold his hand. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d bring a little bit of Georgia to him. When he visited us in 2005 we took him to the small town of Dahlonega in the north Georgia mountains. It was love at first sight! He still talks about that day in the mountains.

Hey big brother…it’s time to get your behind out of bed and head this way. The ice cream counter at Jack’s Café is calling us.

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8 Responses to Jack’s Cafe

  1. Susan Young says:

    Jackie…I hope you start feeling better. You know if Darlene wants you to come to Georgia….you gotta go!!!


  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    Awww – good memories. I pray he recovers soon and gets back to visit you and make more memories.


  3. Chris Tucker says:

    Nice post mom.

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  4. gmoore028@comcast.net says:

    Hey Darlene,  I love this post.  I know exactly where this is.  I wish your brother the best with his recovery.  g


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