Up & Coming Tech Genius


This weekend we attended the Georgia Educational Technology Fair on the campus of Macon State College. It is an annual student technology competition put on by the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium. It is the highest level of student technology competition in Georgia with over 750 projects, representing the work of 1000+ students. Our grandson, Collin, won first place at his regional technology fair which qualified him to compete at the state level with other 6th graders. His category was project programming. We are so very proud of him!

Side note: Is he really almost as tall as his Grandma? Say it isn’t so!




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5 Responses to Up & Coming Tech Genius

  1. That’s fantastic, congratulations to Collin

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  2. Susan Young says:

    Congratulations, Collin!
    Yes, Darlene…he is!


  3. Bryan Smith says:

    Grandma isn’t all that tall anyway just saying

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  4. cdc71 says:

    How wonderful! I know you are SO proud!


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