Welcome Home

img124 copy 2Ronny Vietnamimg124Tuesday was Vietnam Veterans Day.  Although not widely publicized, there were hundreds of events held across the U.S. to observe this unofficial day that marks the final withdrawal of combat units and support personnel from South Vietnam in 1973.

Veterans Affairs Secretary, Bob McDonald,  sums it up this way, “Our nation is currently commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, a long overdue opportunity to honor the 7.2 million living Vietnam veterans and the 9 million families of those of us who served. Thank a Vietnam veteran and welcome them home.”  I want to thank my husband who served in Vietnam for his bravery and commitment to fight for our freedom. Welcome home, Ronny.

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3 Responses to Welcome Home

  1. Colleen Puett says:

    What a handsome soldier! Thank you for serving!! Love you!

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  2. Susan Young says:

    Thank you, Ronny, for your service. That seems so trite to say when our guys and gals were in Viet Nam/Hell for months/years. My sincere thanks and gratitude to every one of them.


  3. Thanks, Susan. I’ll pass your note on to Ronny. Love ya…D


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