Tulip Man



My girlfriend, Mary, has a number of bright hand-painted tulips in her yard. Come to find out her father made them. On her last trip to Florida she brought me back four. They proudly surround our garden frog, Horacio.  For the past 13 years Mr. Kautzer (Mel) has also made Cardinals, Blue Jays, small ducks, giraffes, cats and other pieces as gifts for friends and family. At 91 years young, Mel has decided to hang up his tools. I’m grateful that I get to enjoy that special part of him everyday. Thanks Mr. Tulip Man.

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4 Responses to Tulip Man

  1. Susan Young says:

    Love the garden art, Darlene!

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  2. mary collins says:

    Thank you Darlene for featuring my Dad in your blog. I sent it to my family – I know they will enjoy it! >


  3. cdc71 says:

    These are beautiful! Does he sell them? I’d love to have a couple.


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