Crazy Day with Sis & Dickey


My brother and his wife, Dickey & Sis, are spending a week with us. They are from Texas, of course! We have spent a few days exploring the Atlanta AquariumThe World of Coca-Cola, the small mining town of Dahlonega, Helen and Ana Ruby Falls. As you can tell we get a bit crazy at times. Dicky looks like he’s trying to ‘cowboy up’ but with the word outlaw over his head I think his destiny may be the jailhouse rather than the open range.

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6 Responses to Crazy Day with Sis & Dickey

  1. Looks like you 4 are having a good time…warms my heart!


  2. Susan Young says:

    Love the pictures, Darlene! I especially like the one with you in the….octopus hat????!!!


  3. cdc71 says:

    Like Susan, I love the one with the hat, too. You should wear it to Bible study on Tuesday! 🙂


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