$1000 Reward

20160424_125424IMG_7530IMG_7517 (1)Don’t you just love to be outdoors this time of year (well maybe not so much for the allergy sufferers)?  Last weekend we kept our granddaughter, Sarah, for a few hours and decided to take her to one of our neighborhood parks. It’s a great place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Not only does the park have a playground, but there’s also walking trails, picnic tables, plenty of green space to throw a Frisbee or play soccer, and a creek that runs through the wooded trail area.

After exhausting all the playground equipment, Sarah wanted to see the creek. Long story short, she ended up in the creek. Her Papa Mac promised her that if she was able to catch one of the fish (more like minnows) with her bare hands, he would pay her a $1000. I’m like, are you kidding me? You have to understand Sarah has been known to catch lizards with one hand! For the next 30 minutes, she was totally focused on catching a fish. Is there any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


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One Response to $1000 Reward

  1. Susan Young says:

    Love it, Darlene. So darling with Sarah and Ronny. $1,000? Ronny needs to wear his hat in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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