Celebrating Mom

Scan 6 (1)Mother’s Day is Sunday. It’s a special day to acknowledge and celebrate the one that gave you life. Oh how I wish I could spend the day with my Mom. I can only imagine how they celebrate the day in Heaven.

This picture was taken March 1962 in her office. She was a tax accountant. My first job was working with Mom typing tax returns for clients. At 15, I felt so grown up. Thanks Mom for giving me the opportunity to learn from the best.

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6 Responses to Celebrating Mom

  1. Was this for Mr. Merritt or Mr. Moffett….I remember during tax season my Mom worked for both men part time and what I remember about Mr. Merritt’s office was a round huge bowl fish tank?? What a pretty lady Aunt Nell was….Happy Mother’s Day!!


    • I believe it was Mr. Moffett. Somewhere I have a picture of the whole crew – Mom, your Mom, Aunt Frankie and Moffett outside of the building. I can’t believe you remember that fish tank! I forgot all about it.


  2. Susan Young says:

    Yes, I remember Nell!! Happy Mother’s Day, Darlene!


  3. Ditto to you Susan! Enjoy your day.


  4. jACKIE says:

    Love you Mom


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