Tea Time


I recently had tea with a dear friend, Maria. Her table is always set with beautiful tea cups, cookies from Holland and of course, chocolate. At 95 years young, she’s an amazing, strong, interesting woman. She’s quick to let me know what she thinks and has ‘scolded’ me a few times when she thought I’d overstepped my grounds on an issue. I appreciate her wisdom.

I love listening to her life stories. Today I learned that she loves SPAM. For those of you that are not familiar with SPAM, it is a canned precooked meat product. According to Wikipedia it was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II. Maria lived in The Hague during the war and got her first taste of SPAM a couple of months before they were liberated. Planes were dropping rations for the starving population and included in those rations were cans of SPAM. It had been over two years since her family had eaten meat so you can imagine their joy when they discovered this treat that dropped out of the sky.

Who knows what secrets I’ll learn from Maria when we meet again for tea time.

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5 Responses to Tea Time

  1. My Daddy LOVED fried spam sandwiches!!


  2. Susan Young says:

    I love that you all have tea and talk!!! I like Spam, too!


  3. What a LOVELY blog, Darlene!!! Beautiful photos, fun writing… just a super job!!! Henri has already sent the link to all of his family. 🙂

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