Courageous Sacrifice

20160529_15125720160529_15290420160529_153228Yesterday was Memorial Day. I hope all of you were able to share the day with family and friends. We were fortunate to have all 11 of our crew here to celebrate the holiday. We feasted on BBQ pork roast, baked beans, coleslaw, fruit salad, cornbread, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. With tummies full, the grandkids headed outdoors for a game of hide and seek and a little football, and the adults gathered on the back deck to reminisce about days passed.

We also wanted to honor those that had paid the ultimate price by visiting the Marietta National Cemetery. Sometimes I forget that freedom is not free. To those of you in our armed forces, I thank you for your courage and commitment. For those that have returned home but struggle with the emotional and physical scars of battle, I pray for God blessings and mercy.

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