Family Portrait

Nell,CW, and Darlene on couch 1958 (1)It’s rare that I find a picture of me with my Mom and Dad. This one was taken in December of 1958. I especially like the paint by number pictures that are hanging in the background. And as far as the hair, I’m not loving it so much. Please tell me this is the time I thought I could cut my own bangs.

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4 Responses to Family Portrait

  1. The month after I was born 🙂 Do you know if my parents also had a set of those pictures or even Aunt Frankie because a set of those pictures ended up at my Granny’s lake house and hung in her living room until the day she sold. Most everything in Granny’s lake house were hand me downs from family.


  2. I know Aunt Frankie had some and maybe your Mom. They painted them around the same time.


  3. Susan Young says:

    Love this picture!!!


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