Heart Beats


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This little guy is my cousin Randy. It’s hard to believe I used to babysit him. Today he’s married, has a grown son and daughter, has been a teacher for 20+ years, and on March 25th he was blessed with his first grandchild, Gunner Steve Grayson. Oh, I forgot to mention he also has a new, healthy heart!

Time was running out for a much needed heart transplant. Then in the wee hours of the morning on December 8, 2012 he received the call. It’s time. We have your heart. Through this video we get a small glimpse of the beautiful young woman who now shares her heart with Randy. A tragic loss by one family, gave hope and joy to another. Praise God for his timing and mercy. His miracles are never ending.

Because of you Brittany, Randy is living a full, productive life. As Gunner grows up and his G-Pa shares this story with him, I’m sure he will be forever grateful to you for the gift of a beating heart.

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4 Responses to Heart Beats

  1. Susan Young says:

    Such a beautiful (and tragic) story, Darlene. How wonderful for someone to give the gift of life. Oh, I sure do remember Randy. He would sit between us in the back seat when we went to Browne football games. He was in love with those TroyAnn uniforms!!!


  2. Matthew says:

    Beautiful…..just beautiful!!! 👏

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  3. Linda R. Dunwoody says:

    What a great story


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