Let’s Roll

100_6434100_6428On Memorial Day in 2009, we decided to celebrate the day by acknowledging the hard work of the firefighters and EMTs at our local fire station. The grandkids made their own personal thank you cards and I made a big, gooey chocolate cake. Off we went to deliver our goodies. The firemen were surprised and grateful that we thought of them on this special day. They took us on a tour of the station and let the kids inside the firetruck to see all the hoses and special equipment needed to fight a fire. Then all of a sudden the alarm sounded and we got to see first-hand how the process all comes together. They were on their way in less than five minutes!

After we got back home, the little kids and the big kids were proud to pose for these pictures with their newly acquired fireman hats.

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3 Responses to Let’s Roll

  1. Susan Young says:

    So cute…love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    A memorable occasion and experience for the family. You guys always come up with unique ways of sharing, caring, helping, encouraging, loving, teaching and the list goes on and on. May God continue to bless you and yours.


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