First Mode of Transportation

Scan 55Do you remember when you got your first bike? Was it just the right color? Did it have a basket attached to carry all your goodies when you went to hang out with friends? Did it have fancy ribbons hanging from the handle bars?

I was six years old when Santa left my first bike under the Christmas tree. It was big and perfect! It was a Western Flyer with white wall tires and it even had a battery operated headlight. I’m not sure why I needed that because I had to be home before dark but it looked cool. Many miles were covered on this bike, having fun and making memories with friends.

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4 Responses to First Mode of Transportation

  1. Susan Young says:

    I got my green bike at age 10…when I was much more responsible that age 6, Darlene!!! Har, har! We rode everywhere. Mine had a horn!

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  2. What a great picture and a HUGE bike for you! LOL! I clearly remember the moment my dad taught me how to ride a bike and I was able to stay upright with no training wheels. It was exhilarating!

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  3. Gladys Moore says:

    Love the bike, Darlene. I got a similar one only yours is more “fancy”. Went over the handle bars only once!


  4. I can’t recall going over the handle bars but definitely fell off a number of times. I remember learning to stop was a real challenge!


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