Summer Breeze

scan-copy-1I loved going to my Grandpa Grayson’s house, especially when my three cousins were with me. He lived out in the country with plenty of space to run and play. The main part of the house had a large room with lots of windows, and I still remember opening those windows and crawling into one of the twin beds to take a nap with the cool breeze from the outside blowing over me. It was pure heaven for a little girl after a hard day of playing.

Grandpa also had a peacock. He always warned us to stay away from him because he was “mean and would chase us”. Seeing those peacock feathers open up was like watching a rainbow sprouting feathers.

I must have been going steady because I appear to be wearing a ring around my neck. Do they still even do that these days?

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8 Responses to Summer Breeze

  1. Awh…the memories. Grandpa ended up with 2 peacocks that I named Pete and Michelle. I stayed with them ALOT on weekends and during the summers. They would pick me up on Fridays from school and take me to the Shamrock skating rink on Friday & Saturday nights and sit and watch me skate all night. They did not have A/C but a portable water cooler that on a rare occasion they would use but mainly just open all the windows in the house. In the winter they would close off the front room & bedroom and would live at the back of the house, we slept with just the electric blankets on us and I remember Grandma Opal would tell me “stay in bed until I can get the furnace lit” She was the BEST cook, serving up 3 meals a day everyday, my love for pear preserves and grape nut cereal came from there, and at night for our snack we all got a bowl of mellorine vanilla ice cream! I could go on and on….thanks for sharing this memory!


  2. camelia says:

    never knew how much Jackie looked like grandpa


  3. Susan Young says:

    Love seeing these pictures!


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