Surprise Visitor

20161125_131043-120161125_131324-120161125_132927-1.jpgRonny had set out a trap to catch a rabbit that had been nibbling (or rather eating) our mums. But this morning, much to our surprise, we found a small Opossum in the trap instead. Boy are these guys ugly, especially when they show those sharp little teeth. Oh, and the smell. Ronny says they can gag a maggot at 50 feet!

Honoring all of God’s creatures, we took him about two miles away and released him in a wooded area that we’re sure he will be happy.

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4 Responses to Surprise Visitor

  1. Susan Young says:

    Sharp teeth and claws. Glad you took him to a safer environment!


  2. cdc71 says:

    Yikes! Hope he doesn’t find his way back!


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