The Attic is Calling

20161129_082147Once the last bite of apple pie is eaten and the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher after the Thanksgiving meal, the attic begins to call. It’s time to begin the annual pilgrimage of getting down the containers of Christmas decorations. After grabbing a cup of coffee, Ronny and I once again begin transforming our home into our own holiday wonderland.

Those Christmas boxes contain years of family history and fun-filled holidays. I’m always amazed at how one small ornament or a Santa bear can bring back so many memories. I’m excited to see what new items get added to the boxes this year.

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3 Responses to The Attic is Calling

  1. The white Santa bear…did Aunt Frankie give that to you?? She gave Grayson one for his 1st Christmas and it’s paw is dated. Not sure when she started her own collection of Santa bears but she has at least 10 or more. Tanya has her collection now something we could not part with. I have her Santa Claus that I’m guessing is over 40years old because I remember it back when they lived on Deerwood. He now stands on our fireplace mantle each year!


    • Mom actually won the bear as a door prize at a women’s Christmas brunch at our church when she lived with us. I collect bears too. Boyds Bears as well as teddy bears. I would love to have one of Aunt Frankie’s bears.


  2. Love the behind the scenes peek!

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