Shoe Quest

20170113_155001-1We have a formal event this week and I needed a pair of black pumps. My only requirement was that the heel wasn’t 6” tall. If I couldn’t find a heel, then a dressy flat would do. Ronny and I took off to the mall.

Store #1: Do you carry a size 5? No. Store #2: Do you have any size 5 shoes? No, sorry. You may want to try XYZ store. Store #3: Do you have this shoe in a size 5? The lady rolled her eyes and said no. They start at size 6. That scene played out over and over again. Finally we heard the words, “I think we may have a couple. If we do they’ll be at the end of this aisle”. It’s not that I haven’t been down this road before, but I truly believe that one miraculous day the store will be overflowing with size 5 shoes!

After the 11th store I struck pay dirt. One size 5 black pump was there for the taking. Sold. Until the next quest, check out my new shoes.


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4 Responses to Shoe Quest

  1. Susan Young says:

    Nice shoes that will go with practically anything. P.S. The stores will not be overflowing with size 5. That size is illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Linda Roe Dunwoody says:

    NICE. I think you hit the jackpot as you travelled to the end of the yellow brick road.


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