Family Friday: Together

scan-65On Sunday heaven celebrated the arrival of my Aunt Minnie. I can just imagine the greeting she received. I’m sure Uncle Bill was first in line to welcome home his sweetheart, then my Dad (her brother) and my Mom. They were quite a foursome in their day.

As I remember my Mom today on her birthday, I will also celebrate the life of Aunt Minnie. Her beautiful smile will be missed.

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6 Responses to Family Friday: Together

  1. Charlene Elder says:

    Sorry for the loss, but good memories. Love and Hugs!


  2. Susan Young says:

    Happy birthday in Heaven, Nell!


  3. Pat says:

    Wow what a great picture. This was a hard loss for mom. Baby of 11 and as she says I have no more brothers or sisters. Mom will miss Aunt Minnie a lot. They did talk to each other about once a week.


  4. I can only imagine how hard this was for Aunt Jerry. She’s blessed to have all of you so close. Wish I was there to give her a big hug. Love you.


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