On to Nationals

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Last Saturday was the Area 12 Georgia State JROTC Championship Competition. Our grandson, Jacob, is part of the Sprayberry High School team from Marietta that competed. This was their day to shine! The team won numerous trophies and awards including 1st place in physical training (PT), 1st place in personal inspection, 1st place in unarmed basic, and 2nd place in overall performance which gives them eligibility to go to the national competition in Pensacola. The team that came in 1st place overall was from Florida not Georgia (a bit odd since it’s the Georgia STATE competition). Because the Florida school district lines lap over into Georgia they qualified for the competition. So if you take Florida out of the equation, Sprayberry won hands down. Works for me!

Jacob won 2nd place in the state for his solo drill rifle exhibition (spinning). This is the first time anyone from Sprayberry has competed in this event. He also won 1st place in the push-up competition. We couldn’t be prouder.

I’ve never seen so many dedicated kids who supported each other in each event. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and contagious. It’s exciting to know that some of these kids will be the future military leaders of our country. We applaud their commitment. Congratulations Sprayberry JROTC and good luck at nationals.

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4 Responses to On to Nationals

  1. cdc71 says:

    His grandparents are obviously beyond proud of this young man! I love your smiling faces, beaming with love and pride!
    Congratulations, Jacob! Well done! Outstanding!

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  2. Susan Young says:

    Congratulations to Jacob and the entire family!!!


  3. It was such a fun day. We had to leave the house at 4:00 a.m. to get to Douglas, GA where they were holding the competition. Didn’t get home until midnight. Log day for us old folks!


  4. Lots to be proud of… Congratulations! Love the slide show you put together.

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