Zion’s Beauty

IMG_7505IMG_765220170421_152915IMG_7642IMG_757520170421_07202920170421_154054IMG_7601IMG_759920170421_095943IMG_7655IMG_7550IMG_7616IMG_7581We recently took a bus tour to some of the most majestic national parks of American’s Southwest.  I’m excited to share some of our pictures and a little history about each park. First is the 147,000 acre Zion National Park established in 1919. It’s a geological showplace with sandstone cliffs among the highest in the world. Without actually being there, it’s hard to describe what it’s like to stand at the bottom of the canyon and look up at the rock layers and monoliths that were formed by sediments of sand dunes and oceans deposited between 50 and 200 million years ago. Zion means “the heavenly city”. The Kolob Canyons are described as being near God’s throne. Amen to that!

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7 Responses to Zion’s Beauty

  1. Charlene Elder says:

    Beautiful pictures, Darlene…trust you guys are well. Keep in touch.



  2. Susan Young says:



  3. Linda Dunwoody says:


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  4. cdc71 says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! I look forward to more!

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  5. Beautiful images, Darlene! I’ve always heard that Zion National Park was a hidden gem!

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