Bryce – Poetry in Stone

IMG_706520170420_12292020170420_122703IMG_705120170420_122853IMG_7064IMG_703420170420_12261920170420_123010The pink cliffs at Bryce Canyon are mesmerizing. The scene is always changing depending on what time of day you visit. We experienced both sun and clouds which dramatically changed the colors of the cliffs and bulbous spires called hoodoos. It was like you had entered a different canyon in a matter of minutes. Shadows shifted, the temperature was warm and then cold. You saw snow-capped mountains in the distance. At an elevation of 8,300 feet, it was the highest point we visited on our trip. They say at night with the clear air and lack of light pollution, Bryce is one of the darkest places on Earth – a perfect place for stargazing. Maybe a trip back is in order to witness the hoodoos under the starlit sky. Want to come?

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3 Responses to Bryce – Poetry in Stone

  1. Susan Young says:

    Just beautiful! Our geology is wonderful!

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  2. Linda R. Dunwoody says:

    I’d like to go. Beautiful – never been to Bryce. Good pic of you and Ronny.


  3. Thanks Linda. We need to plan a girl’s trip soon.


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