The Grand Canyon

20170417_115210IMG_5888 220170417_101336IMG_5819IMG_5991IMG_6042IMG_5978IMG_5928IMG_6048The final leg of our trip was the Canyon. I don’t think words or pictures can capture its magnitude or majesty. I hope you enjoyed tagging along.

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6 Responses to The Grand Canyon

  1. Dorothy says:

    James & I took about the same trip you all have been on about the same way back in 2001, we were in Grand Canyon when we heard about 9/11, other than that it was a wonderful trip

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  2. Susan Young says:

    I went there in 1983. I’ll bet it still looks the same!!! Beautiful and grand!

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  3. Loved traveling with you on this photo adventure. (I don’t believe I would have been able to stand on that rocky edge!)


  4. cdc71 says:

    These pictures are amazing! (I agree with Ellen about standing on the edge!)
    You and Ronny are so blessed to have been on this trip! Thanks for sharing with us!


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