Musical Art


On a recent trip to Florida to visit friends, I noticed this piano located outside of one of the local restaurants in Sarasota. The pictures don’t come close to capturing the colors and artistry.

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6 Responses to Musical Art

  1. I’ve got so many pictures to share. Can’t wait to post them. I missed everyone these last few weeks. Hope to see you Sunday.


  2. Linda Dunwoody says:

    Good times. Lovely pictures.

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  3. More pics on the way…had a great time!


  4. Linda Dunwoody says:

    I learned that the piano was painted by a local artist of Sarasota named Viktorija (on front of the piano) and that she painted herself on the side. History is that a homeless man sat down at the piano and played it so beautifully, that a local restaurateur hired him to play at his restaurant. Those involved with finding his talent, cleaned him up, put him to work and he made a name for himself. His home was featured in one of the ‘tour of home’ events. I’ll have to find out more…


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