Shiny Little Round Things

20180303_13544020180303_135451Marbles. Most are round, some are flat. Some are clear, some full of beautiful colors, some are cat’s eyes. The General Store in Dahlonega, GA has barrels full of them. Growing up I remember playing marbles. Flipping them, rolling them, trying to hit another player’s marbles to take them out of the game. But after doing a little research, I found that marbles are used for much more than games.

The Marble King company in Paden City, WV produces over one million marbles each day. According to their website,, their marbles have been featured in movies such as Goonies and Home Alone. They even make industrial marbles used in filtration systems and in space balloons for NASA.

Anyone else out there remember summer days outside playing marbles? Simple game, simple times.



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2 Responses to Shiny Little Round Things

  1. Gladys Moore says:

    Hey, Darlene, Love these beautiful colorful marbles! I have never seen quite so many in the same place! G



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