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This Way to the Bunny House

This family decorates their yard for all holidays, and Easter is no exception. As John Travolta sings in the movie Grease, I’m sure “they’re multiplying”.

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Breathe Lightly

Once the “yellow mist” begins coating everything in sight, you know spring has arrived in Georgia. Our Hyundai looks like it’s been slimed.

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Trains & Ghostbusters?

These are just a few of the remarkable exhibits we saw at a recent model train show. I especially like the Lego displays, so current and colorful. How many of you remember drive-in movies and watching the ‘King’ on the … Continue reading

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She Awakens

Our Camellia tree is about 16 feet tall and close to 30 years old. Each year we patiently wait for her flowers to awaken. Sometimes a late freeze will zap her blooms and they never open, but not this year. She has produced hundreds … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Cousins

These two beauties, Bailey (on the left) and Brandi, round out our ‘granddogs’. They belong to our youngest son and his family. Although not puppies anymore, their still our sweet, lovable babies.

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Family Addition

I would like for you to meet Sophie. She’s seven weeks old and the newest member of our oldest son’s family. Oh, and she really does have eyes under all that hair!

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Mama & The Kids

I love the North Georgia Mountains. I especially like driving along the back roads where life seems a bit simpler. This is just a glimpse of the yard art we found during one of our excursions. Mama and her little … Continue reading

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