Chihuly Collection

20180211_13064520180211_123038IMG_1279IMG_1271IMG_1237IMG_1236 2IMG_124120180211_12524420180211_122550 220180211_12241920180211_122841IMG_128820180211_122101IMG_123320180211_123652IMG_1240 2During our recent visit to Florida, we visited the Chihuly Collection in St. Petersburg. Dale Chihuly is world-renowned for his beautiful glass creations. The pieces in this collection are absolutely breath taking. Although the pieces appear to be small, they are large-scale masterpieces. The sculpture in the entrance is 20-feet tall, and the picture of the marbles in the bowl cover a whole wall of the exhibit. I can only imagine what it would be like spending a day with him in his studio.

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Musical Art


On a recent trip to Florida to visit friends, I noticed this piano located outside of one of the local restaurants in Sarasota. The pictures don’t come close to capturing the colors and artistry.

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It’s Back

IMG_0619Shelly, our yard turtle, can attest that we’ve had another dusting of snow. Although beautiful, the single digit wind chill that comes along with it is a bit much for this Southern girl.

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Touched by the Sun

20180105_153725The weather has been cold and dreary these last few weeks so you can imagine how happy I was when I looked out on the deck and saw our Kokopelli wind spinner all aglow, encompassed by the sun’s rays.

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20171225_18472120171225_184729We had a small visitor on our porch Christmas Eve night. He appeared to have a little trouble with his wing, but after some tender loving care he flew off into the night. I wonder what’s in store for him in 2018.

To all of you that visited my blog this year, thank you. I wish you a very happy New Year full of joy and happiness.

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Annual Christmas Pic

20171225_18234120171225_181832FB_IMG_1514295533368From quiet to chaos to calm. That’s how I would describe our Christmas day. Starting with a prayer of thanksgiving, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, filling our tummies with way too much food and then on to gift-giving.

We ended the day with our annual Christmas pic with our 60-year old Santa (thanks Gladys for taking time out of your day to snap the picture for us). It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Final Look

IMG_0268IMG_0279IMG_0296A week ago I posted pictures of the first (and probably the last) snow of the season in Marietta. After 10 inches, this is the final look. What a rare treat for the holidays!

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