Happy at Papa-n-Grammy's20171001_175029-2What happened? Another birthday happened! Please make them stop. Collin has grown from a snaggletoothed cutie to a handsome young man. We were so proud to wish him a happy 14th on Sunday. Love you CW.

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Autumn Colors

IMG_8986 2It’s official. Autumn has arrived. If you’ve walked into any store in the past few weeks that shouldn’t be a surprise. Happy fall y’all.

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A Little Girl Time

Girls day out with my granddaughter Sarah. After a visit to her favorite ice cream store, then it was off to add a little ‘glamor’ to our nails. Perfect!

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Family Friday: Warm Fuzzies

PICT1179These ‘little’ guys are getting ready to be 17 and 14. I still get the warm fuzzies when they hug me.

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Left in the Dust

3339 2Collin, my #3 grandson, came in 2nd place in the 11-14 age division of the Alpharetta Rotary Mayors Corporate Challenge 5K last week with a time of 22:56:24. I won’t post his Dad’s time, but let’s just say Collin left him in a cloud of dust. Way to go CW!


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Family Friday: We Look Good

Jackie,Me,Mom,DadHey big brother…can you believe we both celebrated another birthday this week? I swear we don’t look a day older than we were in this picture with Mom and Dad taken back in the early seventies (I was pregnant with Chris). Even though we are miles apart, that special phone call from my brothhhhher made my day. Love you!

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Back to Demo Day

IMG_885720170817_185015Good news: Demo was completed in a couple of days, and the new stacked stone is being installed.

Bad news: The drawing of the heart on the stove top gives you a glimpse of the ‘stone’ dust that covers everything in our house. Oh happy days…


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