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IMG_885720170817_185015Good news: Demo was completed in a couple of days, and the new stacked stone is being installed.

Bad news: The drawing of the heart on the stove top gives you a glimpse of the ‘stone’ dust that covers everything in our house. Oh happy days…


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Antique Browsing

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It always amazes me what you find at an antique store. It truly is an adventure browsing the many booths with their ‘treasures’.  Memories flood my brain…some good, some not so good. I especially like the picture comparing the phones I grew up with and the one I have now. Maybe I won’t show this one to my grandkids and let them think Grandma has always had a cell phone!

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Stare Down

20170729_10124020170729_10124920170729_101314We had an unexpected visitor last week. The markings on its shell resemble small little paw prints. And those red eyes…mesmerizing.

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Demo Day

IMG_874020170803_150449-1IMG_8743Out with the old, in with the new. That’s what we said when Ronny removed the first stone from our massive fireplace wall. What a difference! Stay tuned for the final reveal.

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The Big 40

DSCN0269Forty years ago today we celebrated the birth of our youngest son, Matthew. What a ride it’s been watching him become the man he is today. He lights up my life. Love you, Mr. T. Happy Birthday.

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Football’s Back

IMG_8588 IMG_8595You know how men and boys (and this Grandma) love their football. Our grandson, Garrett, is no exception. He’s suited up and ready for practice. Let the games begin.

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Ready, Set, Fire

PICT4957PICT4959Remembering days at the park. Rocket launching at its best.

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