Ready, Set, Fire

PICT4957PICT4959Remembering days at the park. Rocket launching at its best.

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Family Friday: Fishing’s Good

2786FB_IMG_14997387883291239512760Wow and double wow! Can you believe the size of these fish? My brother’s catch weighed in at 146 pounds and took him 3½ hours to reel in off the coast of Cabo. My sister-in-law didn’t do so bad herself (I love the look on her face). Then my son and grandson caught these two gars in Lake Allatoona. I’d say fishing’s been good.

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Hot Pink Gauze

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It started out as a beautiful day. The sun was shining and we were off to Chattanooga, TN with our two youngest grandchildren. Lookout Mountain, Rock City and Ruby Falls were calling us. The Incline Railroad was our first stop. At the top of the mountain we decided to walk a few blocks to see the battlefield park. That’s when the day started its downhill decline.

A pothole on the walking trail surprised me, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. Ankle twisted and painful. It was a bit of a hike back to the car, but I made it. After a stop at Walgreens for gauze to wrap my ankle and pain reliever, we were off to Rock City.

Although with each step the pain got worse, I was determined to see Rock City and the Falls. Boy was I wrong! About two steps down into Rock City, I knew I was done. As luck would have it, a paramedic that was walking behind us took me back up to the top and helped me find a place to elevate my foot. No more than 10 minutes later, the heavens opened up and dropped buckets of rain. Ronny and the kids were drenched and spent the next 45 minutes under a pavilion before they could finish exploring the sights.

It continued to rain, but we couldn’t head back home until the kids saw Ruby Falls. Again, I thought I could manage walking the one-mile round trip down into the Falls. Again, I was wrong. Those close to me know I’m not a patient person. I have to admit that spending most of my day sitting with my foot elevated, knowing that everyone else was laughing and having fun was not easy. But knowing that Sarah and Garrett were making memories with their Papa Mac was worth it. And for me, it’s not every day that I get to make a fashion statement wearing hot pink gauze.

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Our Independence Day

Scan 2017-6-23 09.57.37 (dragged) 2Ronny comes from a long line of carpenters, four generations to be exact. This is a picture of his Grandfather Blankenship (the man in the center of the photo) in the early 1900s. You won’t find any power tools or prefabricated walls. Instead these men used hand saws, hammers, nails and their strength and determination to build our country. Today let’s celebrate the men and women who came before us and laid the foundation for these great United States. Happy 4th everyone.

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Hot Stuff

IMG_8020We recently ate at one of our favorite sandwich shops, Firehouse Subs. While we were waiting on our order, I was drawn to the bottles of hot sauces on display. Now I like a little heat in my food but setting my mouth on fire, not so much. I especially liked the bottle of Bull Snort Texas Tongue Torch. It takes me back to my Texas roots. Don’t you want to try it?

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Love Frogs

Scan 2017-6-23 09.57.37 (dragged)Scan 2017-6-23 09.57.37 (dragged) 1Let me introduce you to Sexy Nelly and Smitten Smitty. These love frogs represent my Mom and Dad. They were on display just outside the back door at Mom’s lake house. I love Nelly’s yellow polka-dot bikini with shades to match, and Smitty’s ‘strategically’ placed flower. They now have a place of honor on our back deck and are still sexy and smitten with each other.

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Not Defeated

20170614_16344420170614_163724As they say, “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones”. The rain abruptly stopped our diamond day. Although disappointed, our smiles let you know we will not be defeated. Tomorrow is another day.

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