Early Turkey Day

20171115_131100Each year in November Garrett’s school has a special Thanksgiving lunch for Grandparents. It’s exciting to see so many Grandparents taking part in the event. Laughter, smiles and hugs fill the lunchroom. And then there’s the food. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green beens and sweet potatoes definitely set the stage for the ‘big’ day next week.

There are a lot of things on my thankful list this year, but at the top are my grandchildren. I thank God for the joy that they bring to my life each day.

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14188327_10207424995528364_5035414476127279815_oThese men served with my husband at the Tuy Hoa AFB in Vietnam. They, along with approximately 100 other veterans, met once a year to rekindle old friendships. They are a few of many who deserve our thanks for their service and sacrifice. God bless all that have served and are serving today.

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Double Digits

4277 2Today Sarah celebrates her 10th birthday. She’s now part of the double digit birthday crowd. She’s standing by her new vanity that was refurbished by Papa Mac. The design was hers, from the colors to the knobs. Happy birthday sweet granddaughter.

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Formal Attire

20171103_140130While browsing through an antique store in Dahlonega, I came across this formal dress. Simple, elegant, sophisticated. I was transported back in time to a friend’s wedding where the bridesmaids wore almost the same dress. Does it bring back memories for you?

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Trick or Treat

IMG_9877IMG_9892From preppy to scary, the grandkids were ready Tuesday night for whatever trick or treat they encountered.

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Taking the Back Roads

20171015_10515120171015_10442420171015_111520Returning from a few days in Florida, we decided to stay off the highways and take the back roads home. We were surprised to see that Mater is alive and well in Alabama, that gas is cheap and flowers are a big deal in the small town of Opp.

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Cross Country Winners

3975This whopper trophy was awarded to┬áCollin’s team at their latest cross country event. Both the boys and girls varsity and JV came in 2nd place in the state. The school may have to build a special trophy case for this one!

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