Moose Sighting

DSCN0920I know there are a number of states in the US where moose sightings are not that uncommon. But in Georgia? This big guy can be spotted in Blue Ridge.

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So Many Choices

The new Cobb Antique Mall opened this week in Marietta. Browsing through the aisles you see glimpses into the life of the artist. Some booths have whimsical pieces, some lend themselves to historical artifacts, some house beautiful jewelry pieces, some take you back to simpler times. All are unique in their own way.

But the booth that caught my eye was full of cookie jars. That’s right – cookie jars! I’ve never seen such a variety. I couldn’t resist sharing a few of them with you. The next time you grab a cookie out of its original, dull packaging think about how much better they would taste if they had been in one of these!

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Shiny Little Round Things

20180303_13544020180303_135451Marbles. Most are round, some are flat. Some are clear, some full of beautiful colors, some are cat’s eyes. The General Store in Dahlonega, GA has barrels full of them. Growing up I remember playing marbles. Flipping them, rolling them, trying to hit another player’s marbles to take them out of the game. But after doing a little research, I found that marbles are used for much more than games.

The Marble King company in Paden City, WV produces over one million marbles each day. According to their website,, their marbles have been featured in movies such as Goonies and Home Alone. They even make industrial marbles used in filtration systems and in space balloons for NASA.

Anyone else out there remember summer days outside playing marbles? Simple game, simple times.



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Jansen, My Friend

100_3110 2

Throughout my blog, you’ve seen numerous posts that include pictures of my Friday Night Group. They are friends that we meet with every Friday night for dinner. We’ve been doing this for 20+ years. In addition we’ve shared movie nights, game nights, Christmas parties, trips, life.

This week God called one of us home. I could spend hours telling you about Jansen and the many, many memories I have of him through the years. But I think I’ll let the picture say it all. Jansen was my friend, a part of my extended family. I will miss him dearly.

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Family Friday: The Birthday Boys

20180305_053846February is a big birthday month for our family. Garrett, our youngest grandchild turned nine. Chris, his dad and our oldest son, is just a little bit further ‘over the hill’. Happy birthday CW and Big G! Love you.

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Two Señoritas

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When we visit L and N, our friends in Florida, we have to eat at the Two Señoritas restaurant in Sarasota. The food is delicious, and the coconut margaritas are a rare treat. The art pieces inside always fascinate me.

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Family Friday: Wait for It

IMG_1514IMG_1523IMG_1524IMG_1533Tied at the end of the game. Play is in overtime with just a few seconds to go before the buzzer. Wait for it. Wait for it. Garret scores the winning shot! Fans cheering, kids screaming. Now it’s off to the finals. Oh by the way, Garrett #30, is our grandson. Love you Big G.

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Chihuly Collection

20180211_13064520180211_123038IMG_1279IMG_1271IMG_1237IMG_1236 2IMG_124120180211_12524420180211_122550 220180211_12241920180211_122841IMG_128820180211_122101IMG_123320180211_123652IMG_1240 2During our recent visit to Florida, we visited the Chihuly Collection in St. Petersburg. Dale Chihuly is world-renowned for his beautiful glass creations. The pieces in this collection are absolutely breath taking. Although the pieces appear to be small, they are large-scale masterpieces. The sculpture in the entrance is 20-feet tall, and the picture of the marbles in the bowl cover a whole wall of the exhibit. I can only imagine what it would be like spending a day with him in his studio.

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Musical Art


On a recent trip to Florida to visit friends, I noticed this piano located outside of one of the local restaurants in Sarasota. The pictures don’t come close to capturing the colors and artistry.

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It’s Back

IMG_0619Shelly, our yard turtle, can attest that we’ve had another dusting of snow. Although beautiful, the single digit wind chill that comes along with it is a bit much for this Southern girl.

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